Friday, October 17, 2008

Ok, this is my attempt at cloth pull ups. So I am after some honest feedback on what you think of them.
They are made the same way as my normal nappies with a outer layer of PUL, nappy flannel for a stabaliser and the microfleece inner. For this one I still did the 4 layers of bamboo as a sewn in soaker. The elastic is a 2.5inch heavy duty one and sewn in. My Daughter is about 11kgs and fits her 'just' but that is usually the starting weight range for toilet training anyhow.
I have put up a stunt bum request for these on my facebook group and want to trial the sewn in soaker and a snap in one (although I am not sure about this as it could come up and spill the contents while trying to get off - ewwww!)


Katie said...

they look fantastic!!! About time someone did this, they are going to be so popular! In this house too. Can you give us a bit more info, what's in them etc.

Trumpet Bums said...

Thanks Katie and have put up more info.

Just between you and me they are a bugger to sew the elastic in lol!

Bekky said...

I want one! Although it would be a mission to get one to fit G!

Trumpet Bums said...

Bekky, still put in an email G's measurements so you are in for the draw.